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F. Demeter, C. Zanolli, K. E. Westaway, R. Joannes-Boyau, P. Duringer, M. W. Morley, F. Welker, P. L. Rüther, M. M. Skinner, H. McColl, C. Gaunitz, L. Vinner, T. E. Dunn, J. V. Olsen, M. Sikora, J.-L. Ponche, E. Suzzoni, S. Frangeul, Q. Boesch, P.-O. Antoine, L. Pan, S. Xing, J.-X. Zhao, R. M. Bailey, S. Boualaphane, P. Sichanthongtip, D. Sihanam, E. Patole-Edoumba, F. c. Aubaile, F. c. Crozier, N. Bourgon, A. Zachwieja, T. Luangkhoth, V. Souksavatdy, T. Sayavongkhamdy, E. Cappellini, A.-M. Bacon, J.-J. Hublin, E. Willerslev, and L. Shackelford. A Middle Pleistocene Denisovan molar from the Annamite Chain of northern Laos. Nat. Commun., volume 13, issue 1, pages 2557, May 2022.

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