Ledi-Geraru Research Project


The Ledi-Geraru Research Project was started in 2002. Research focuses on answering questions regarding the disappearance of Australopithecus afarensis and the appearance of the genus Homo in the time period from 2.95 Ma- 2.4 Ma. These questions are related to habitat and behavioral differences between the two species. Fossiliferous sediments of that age are fairly rare in the Lower Awash Valley, but are present in the Ledi-Geraru, as well as some deposits that are younger still.

Co-leaders of the project are Kaye Reed, Ramon Arrowsmith, Christopher Campisano, and Brian Villmoare. Other participants include Lars Werdelin, Vera Aldeais, Marion Bamford, David Braun, Alan Deino, Erin DiMaggio, Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, David Feary, William Kimbel, Amy Rector, Joshua Robinson, William Archer, Blade Engda, Domnique Garello, Jacob Harris, Ignacio Lazagabaster, Ellis Locke, David Patterson, John Rowan, Chalachew Seyoum, Niguss Tsehay, Eric Scott, and Irene Smail. The data in the Ledi-Geraru Research Project are currently restricted to project members.