Combe-Capelle Bas


Combe-Capelle Bas is one of a several sites at Combe-Capelle. It is an open-air site located at the base of a terraced slope of the Couze valley in southwest France. Until recently, the site was best known from the excavations of Ami who worked there until 1931 and discovered a series of Middle Paleolithic assemblages. In 1987, Dibble and Lenoir started new excavations at the site. In four seasons they re-sampled deposits along Ami's excavation trench and tested briefly another of the Combe-Capelle sites, Abri Peyrony. The new excavations were conducted following methods that Dibble and colleagues innovated including the use of total stations to systematically piece provenience excavated artifacts and buckets of sediments. The site monograph was published in 1995. The database was published in 1996 as a CD and subsequently appeared on-line at Here a newly cleaned and reformatted version of this database is presented along with all available artifact images. The Combe Capelle project database is managed by Shannon McPherron. The data in the Combe Capelle are currently restricted to project members.