Homo kiik-kobensis Bontch-Osmolovskii, 1941
Year: 1941
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Kiik-Koba 1
Status: Potentially valid

Bonch-Osmolovskii (1941, p. 137 in russian, p. 168 of the French summary) established Homo kiik-kobensis (note the lack of "i") based on phalanges recovered from the site of Kiik-Koba, Crimea.

Campbell (1965) lists Kiik-kobiensis (with an "i") as available and valid. Groves (1989 p. 289) lists Homo kiik-kobensis as an available junior synonym for Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

Based on the French summary it seems the initial proposal for the name is offered conditionally, citing limitations on establishing a species on hand bones and without the rest of the skeleton. Bonch-Osmolovskii writes, 

"Certains caractères ... sont si différents que sa séparation en une espèce génetique particulière, Homo kiik-kobensis, reçoit un fondement réel. Mais il serait imprudent de résoudre cette question si importante en principe sans tenir compte des indications fournies par les membres infériers d'autant plus que le matériel comparatif concernant la main est fort incomplet." (p. 168).

However, conditional proposals are allowed under the Code for names established prior to 1961 (Article 15)

Authorship Reference
G. A. Bontch-Osmolovskii
Chapter 9: Conclusion
Paleolit Kryma Mosca (only in russian), 1941