Hemianthropus peii von Koenigswald, 1957
Year: 1957
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: CA 673
Status: Potentially valid

Von Koenigswald (1957a) established the species Hemianthropus peii for isolated teeth recovered from Hong Kong apothocaries with specimen CA 674 (as designated by Smith 2018) as the holotype. Soon after von Koeningswad was alerted to the fact that Hemianthropus is an objective junior synonyms to Hemianthropus Freudenberg, 1929 leading him to publish an erratum (von Koeningwald, 1957b) changing the genus name to Hemanthropus (without the 'i' ).

Campbell (1965) remarks that the description lacks a differential diagnosis and the genera are nomina nuda.  However von Koeningswald (1957a) included brief descriptions that differentiate the new taxa from Pongo and noted similarities with Paranthropus. Assuming a single differential diagnosis may serve for both a new species and new genus the name is available.

Groves (1989, p. 203) suggests the type specimen is Pongo.

Smith (2018) refers the holotype specimen to Pongo.