Sinanthropus (Pithecanthropus?) pekingensis Hennig, 1932
Year: 1932
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Zhoukoudian - No Type Fixed
Status: Invalid
Remark: Homonym

Hennig (1932, p. 135) proposed Sinanthropus (Pithecanthropus?) pekingensis based on material from Zhoukoutien. Campbell (1965) listed this name as a primary junior homonym of Sinanthropus pekinensis  Black and Zdansky, 1927. Campbell (1965) remarks that the slight differences in spelling amount to an incorrect subsequent spelling (ISS) and the names 'pekinensis' and 'pekingensis' should be treated as homonyms (rather than synonyms) as directed under Article 33.3.

Authorship Reference
E. Hennig
Fortschritte der Altsteinzeit-Forchung in der Alten Welt
Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen, 78, 134-137, 1932
Additional References
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