Africanthropus Weinert, 1938
Year: 1938
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
Holotype: Eyasi 1
Status: Invalid
Remark: Homonym

Reck & Kohl-Larsen (1936) established the name Paleoanthropus njarasensis for the Eyasi 1 specimen. Weinert (1938) proposed moving the species to a new genus as Africanthropus njarasensis (Reck & Kohl-Larsen, 1936) Wienert, 1938. However, the latter genus is a junior homonym to Homo (Africanthropus) helmei Dryer, 1935 established for the Florisbad skull. Africanthropus Wienert, 1938 is therefore available but objectively invalid.


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