Homo leakeyi Heberer, 1963
Year: 1963
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: OH 9
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Conditionally proposed

Paterson (1940) included the name Homo leakeyi in a table but with no description and thus that name is nomen nudum.

Heberer (1963) introduced the name Homo leakeyi, with OH 9 as the holotype, to represent a taxon comprising African Pleistocene specimens formally lumped into Homo erectus.

Kretzoi (1984) established a new nomen for the taxon, Homo (Proanthropus) louisleakeyi , based on the holotype OH 9 because he concluded that Homo leakeyi Heberer, 1963 is preempted by Homo leakeyi Paterson 1940. However, it is not, because H. leakeyi Paterson, 1940 is nomen nudum and unavailable. Nonetheless, H. leakeyi Heberer was conditionally proposed and also unavailable, and thus Groves (1999; 2012) suggests the proper available name for the taxon including OH 9 is Homo louisleakeyi Kretzoi, 1984.

Groves (1989) does not mention Homo louisleakeyi, but Groves (1999) does, and it appeaers as a potentially valid taxon in a PhD thesis by Groves's student DD Argue (2006) and later by Groves (2012).