Homo erectus newyorkensis Laitman and Tattersall, 2001
Year: 2001
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: Sm 3
Status: Potentially valid

Laitman and Tattersal (2001) established the name Homo erectus newyorkensis with the Sambungmacan 3 cranium as the holotype. Though their account does not provide a differential diagnosis, it does clearly reference three publications that provide description and comparison (Marquez et al., 2001; Broadfield et al. 2001; Delson et al. 2001). Furthermore, Laitman and Tattersal (2002) specifically advance the idea that the Sm 3 specimen is intermeidate beetween Homo erectus and archaic Homo sapiens, providing the basis for naming the subspecies. Specifically they state, "Indeed, observations from these papers showing that Sm 3 exhibits a number of cranial characteristics at times intermediate between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, or features of the endocast (such as regions possibly related to language) which appear ‘advanced’ for Homo erectus, provide important data which will be… (p. 342).