Homo erectus olduvaiensis Tobias, 1968
Year: 1968
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: OH 9
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Conditionally proposed

Tobias (1968) tentatively proposed Homo erectus olduvaiensis with OH 9 as the holotype. As such it is a conditional proposal and unavailable (Article 15). Specifically, Tobias writes on p. 188, 

"We may tentatively conclude that, in Middle Pleistocene times, Homo erectus-like hominids were present all over the African continent, the representative in Southern Africa being from Swartkrans, while the earliest representative in east Africa is from Olduvai Bed II and in north Africa from Ternifine. On geographical grounds, as well as for convenience until more adequate material is discovered, the three African groups of pithecanthropines might appropriately be dubbed Homo erectus mauritanicus (Ternifine, Sidi Abderrahman and Rabat), Homo erectus olduvaiensis (Olduvai Bed II) and Homo erectus capensis (Swartkrans). The first and third terms follow from the former appellations, Atlanthropus mauritanicus and Telanthropus capensis, while the name H. e. olduvaiensis is a tentative new proposal, pending the full study and description of all the hominine remains from Beds II and IV at Olduvai."

See entry for Homo louisleakeyi Kretzoi, 1984 for additional details.

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