Sinanthropus Black and Zdansky
Year: 1927
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
Holotype: K11337:3
Status: Potentially valid

Black (1927) establishes the genus Sinanthropus for the species Sinanthropus pekinensis. Black (1927) attributes the species name to Black and Zdansky. Here we apply the same to the genus. Campbell (1965) lists Sinanthropus pekinensis as available and potentially-valid.

Authorship Reference
D. Black
On a lower molar hominid from the Chou Kou Tien deposit
Palaeontologia Sinica, 7(1), 1-26, 1927
Additional References
B. Campbell
The nomenclature of the hominidae, including a definitive list of hominid taxa
Occaisional Papers of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 22, 1-33, 1965