Hemanthropus von Koenigswald, 1957
Year: 1957
Taxonomic Rank: Genus
Holotype: CA 673
Status: Potentially valid

von Koenigswald (1957) proposes changing the name Hemianthropus, which was occupied, to Hemanthropus (without an "i"). Campbell (1965) remarks that such changes are allowed under the ICZN, however Campbell also notes that the original taxonomic description for Hemianthropus peii does not include a description or characters differentiating the genus. Von Koenigswald (1957a) does provide a very brief description with a couple traits (cusp size and crenulations) that differentiate the taxon from Pongo, but does not distinguish traits that differentiate the species and those that differentiate the genus. If we allow that one description can serve for genus and species then the name is available and potentially valid.

Authorship Reference
G. H. R. von Koenigswald
Hemanthropus ng not Hemianthropus
Proc. Koninkl. Nederl. Akademie van Wetenschappen--Amsterdam, Ser. B, 60, 416, 1957