Homo antiquus praegens Ferguson, 1989
Year: 1989
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: KNM-TH 13150
Status: Potentially valid

Ferguson (1989) creates a new subspecies for Homo antiquus Ferguson, 1984 based on the Tabarin mandible described by Ward and Hill (1987). However, Ferguson gives the catalog number for the specimen as KNM-TI 13150, whereas Ward and Hill give the catalog number for the mandible as KNM-TH 13150. This difference notwithstanding it is clear from the text and context that Ferguson intends the Tabarin mandible to be the holotype for the subspecies Homo antiquus praegens. However, Homo antiquus, is a junior homonym with Homo antiquus Adloff, 1908. Thus, the nomen Homo antiquus is available but objectively invalid and Homo praegens is available and valid.  Bonde 2011 deploys the nomen antiquus as Afaranthropus antiquus with A. antiquus (Ferguson, 1984) as the type species. Kissel and Hawks (2015) include KNM-TH 13150 in the same hypodigm as the holotype for Aridipithecus ramidus, ALA-VP-6/1, for which the nomina Homo pragens Ferguson, 1989 or Afaranthropus praegens (Ferguson, 1989) would have priority. Pickford et al. (2022) invoked the name as Orrorin praegens (Ferguson, 1989), for material recovered from the Pelion Member of the Mabaget Formation, Tugen Hills, Kenya