Homo sapiens daliensis Wu, 1981
Year: 1981
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Dali
Status: Potentially valid

Wu 1981 provides a description of the Dali cranium and assigns it to the subspecies Homo sapiens daliensis. This assignment may be conditional. In the body of the publication Wu states, "It is suggested that Dali cranium probably represents a new subspecies, Homo sapiens daliensis. (p. 539)" Yet in the abstract the intent is more clear. There the author states, "The cranium differs from Neanderthals in a number of racial characteristics. It is therefore considered here a new subspecies: Homo sapiens daliensis." Multivariate analysis by Athreya and Wu (2017) indicate a mosaic pattern exhibiting derived features in the face and primitive features in the neurocranium. These authors refained from making a taxonomic determination based on these results. 

The name Homo dalienesis or Homo sapiens daliensis has not been widely invoked since its establishement. It appears in Bae (2010), Yin (2002).