Homo longi Ji and Ni, 2021
Year: 2021
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: HBSM2018-000018(A)
Status: Potentially valid

The species Homo longi Ji and Ni, 2021 was established by Ji et al. (2021) to accommodate the Harbin skull, a nearly complete hominin cranium found in northeastern China, dating to the Middle Pleistocene. Ji and Ni (2021) presented anaomical comparisions to Homo sapiens, neanderthals and to Homo heidelbergensis/Homo rhodesiensis. They concluded that "the Dali and Hualongdong crania should be referred to H. daliensis. The Harbin cranium, on the other hand, shows clear diagnostic features differing from Dali and Hualongdong crania." (p. 2) They further proposed that the Xiahe mandible (Chen et al., 2019) may also belong to H. longi.