Homo ehringsdorfiensis Paterson, 1940
Year: 1940
Taxonomic Rank: Species
No type specimen details available.
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Nomen nudum

Paterson (1940) lists Homo ehringsdorfiensis in a table and briefly mentions the name in the text but nowhere provides a description or differential diagnosis. Campbell (1965) and Groves (1989) listed it as nomen nudum. Campbell listed the name as an objective junior synonym to Homo heringsdorfensis Moller, 1928 with the Wiemar-Ehringsdorf specimen as the type. Groves treated it as a junior synony of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis King, 1964.  Campbell (1965) and Groves (1989) both misspelled Paterson's name as 'ehringsdorfensis' (missing the last i).

Authorship Reference
Additional References
T. T. Paterson
Geology and Early Man: I
Nature, 146(3688), 12-15, 1940