Homo swanscombensis Kennard, 1942
Year: 1942
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Lectotype: Swanscombe
Status: Unavailable
Remark: Nomen nudum

Kennard (1942) is a brief caption that mentions Homo swanscombensis but does not provide a differential diagnosis; it is nomen nudem and thus unavailable.

Authorship Reference
A. S. Kennard
Faunas of the high terrace at Swanscombe
Proceedings of the Geological Association, 53, 105, 1942
Additional References
M. A. C. Hinton, K. P. Oakley, H. G. Dines, W. B. R. King, A. S. Kennard, C. F. C. Hawkes, S. H. Warren, M. A. Cotton, et al.
Report on the Swanscombe Skull.
The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 68, 17, 1938