Homo mousteriensis hauseri Klaastsch & Hauser, 1909
Year: 1909
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Holotype: Le Moustier 1
Status: Invalid
Remark: Objective synonym

Klaatsch (1909) established the name Homo mousteriensis hauseri with the young skeleton from La Moustier as the holotype. Klaatsch provided anatomical description and diagnosis to support his assertion it is allied with Homo neanderthalensis.

Campbell (1965) listed the name as an available objective junior synonym of Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis Forrer, 1908. Campbell (1965) noted that it is unclear from the original publication whether the epithet "hauseri" was intended as a subspecies or to indicate authorship. Campbell elected to treat the epithet as a subspecies. 

Forrer (1908 p. 55) mentioned the name Homo mousteriensis hauseri Klaatsch as published in a newspaper article (frankfurt Zeitung), suggesting that Klaatsch's name may have priority over Homo transprimigenius mousteriensis Forrer, 1908. Forrer (1908) used 'houseri' as a subspecific epithet.

Groves (1989) listed Homo mousteriensis hauseri Klaatsch and Hauser, 1909, as an available junior synonym of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

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