Homo aurignacensis hauseri Klaatsch & Hauser
Year: 1910
Taxonomic Rank: Subspecies
Holotype: Combe Capelle
Status: Potentially valid

Klaatsch and Hauser (1910) propose the name Homo aurignacensis hauseri for the adult skeleton from Roc de Combe-Capelle. Originally thought to be Pleistocene age, direct dating by Hoffman et al. (2011) have established the fossil is from the Holocene. This nomen is now widely regarded as a subjective junior synonym of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Campbell (1965) notes that it is not clear from the formatting of the original publication whether the name is intended as a new species with authorship, Homo aurignacensis Hauser, or as a new subspecies Homo aurignacensis hauseri. If the latter, Homo mousteriensis hauseri, Klaatsch and Hauser, 1909 has priority.