Paleo Core

Tools and Resources

This page provides links to helpful data management tools, data discovery portals and data standards webpages and resources.

Data Modeling Tools

Cmap- Open-source conceptual mapping tool.

Dia - Dia is roughly inspired by the commercial Windows program 'Visio,' though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams.

Lucid Chart - diagramming and chart creation software.

Protégé - a free ontology editor and knowledge-base framework.

Vue - Visual Understanding Environmet, a visual data modeler from Tufts University.

Data Standard Initiatives

ADS - Archaeology Data Service

Darwin Core - a biodiversity data standard. A listing of the main Darwin Core terms is here.

Digital Antiquity - a collaborative non-profit organization devoted to enhancing preservation of and access to irreplaceable archaeological records and data.

Dublin Core - a general data standard.

TDWG - the biodiversity information standards group (TDWG). 

Data Discovery Portals

Arctos - Multi-Institution, Multi-Collection Museum Database

APPA - Academic Phylogeny of Physical Anthropology

CODI - Comprehensive Olduvai Database Initiative

eFossils - Online resource for paleoanthropology with time-map interface

eLucy - Online resource for digital data on "Lucy" from Hadar (AL 288)

eSkeletons - Online resource for comparative osteology

Fieldbook Project - Smithsonian NMNH project to digitize field notebooks

Fossil Calibration Database - A curated collection of well-justified calibrations, including many published in the journal Palaeontologia Electronica. - Paleoanthropology database

GBIF - the Global Biodiversity Information Facility portal

HADAR Geoinformatics Project - A spatial database of fossils form Hadar, Ethiopia

HERC - Human Origins fossil cast database

HOD - Human Origins Database at the George Washington University

Middle Awash Project Database - Digital catalog for paleoanthropological fossils from the Middle Awash Project Ethiopia.

Movebank - A data repository for animal tracking

NEON - National Ecological Observatory Network

Neotoma - An online data resource for paleoecologyology

NESPOS - Neanderthal Studies Professional Online System

NOW - New and Old Worlds Database of fossil mammals

OsteoBase - Osteology database hosted by the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

PaleoPortal - Data portal for paleontology

Primate Life Histories Database - NESCent project database 

Primo - Primate Morphology Online Database

VertNet - Data portal for vertebrate zoology

Database Software

SQLite - A free, open-source, lightweight SQL database management system. Simple to setup and use with all data stored in a single file. SpatiaLite is an extended version of SQLite that accommodates spatial data.

PostgeSQL -  A free, open-source, enterprise SQL database management system. More difficult to setup and administer but with many powerful features. PostGIS is a spatial extension for PostgreSQL that enables spatial data management. is a compiled mac binary version of PostreSQL that greatly simplifies installation.