Day 2 Using PaleoCore

Connecting to PaleoCore with QGIS

PaleoCore is accessible for direct connections to the data (via Web Feature Services).

Screencast demo of QGIS connections to PaleoCore

Connecting to PaleoCore with R using PaleoCoreR

PaleoCore data is accessible from R using PaleocoreR API

Screencast demo of R connections to PaleoCore

Applying Data Management Technology

1. Break into groups based on Institution
2. List two ways in which you with to use data management technologies at your institution. What are your data management priorities?


1. Need to make their project and data more visible to the public and to other research organizations
1.5 How can we link up data in one database with data from another.
2. Update the database system, and collection management system, 
3. Improve the databases link to geological context data. Need data modeling
4. Imrprove mobile data colleciton system
5. Move to an open-source technology from Filemaker
6. Improve the data entry at KNM, 
7. Standardize data collected in the field.
8. How to create a new phytolith database for all Africa
9. How to speed up and standardize data entry.

10. Streamlining workflow from field to lab.
11. Figuring out what can or needs to be shared?
12. How can we track what specimens have been published? and where?
13. How can we map the cultural heritage sensitivity of an area? 
14. How can we track accessions and what projects/people are linked to which specimens?
15. Need more training to use legacy database systems? 
16. Need to digitize collections to begin with, need resources to do this? How to get them?
17. How can we unite museum and 



What data shoudl be shared?

Who should decide what data are shared?