Paleo Core

Paleo Core Terms

Paleo Core maintains a set of terms drawn from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and Darwin Core standards. Paleo Core terms represent a specific implementation of these standards for paleoanthropology. It includes many but not all of the terms from the Dublin Core and Darwin Core standards along with documentation and best practices for their application in paleoanthropology.

Paleo Core terms include classes and attributes; classes represent the main types of resources, which in turn have attributes that characterize the resource. Class and attribute terms behave like nouns and adjectives in natural language. Some attributes are meaningfully applied to only one class while some can cut across classes. For simplicity the index below groups each attribute under a single class.

Typological Conventions

By convention term names, if they are two words or longer, do not include spaces between the words, and instead they are generally presented in camel case, e.g. catalogNumber. Classes are capitalized and attributes begin with lower case letters. The term index lists terms with spaces in some places for legibility only.


The listing and documentation for Paleo Core terms is being revised and coordinated with the efforts of the TDWG Paleo interest group. Feel free to follow or contribute to the group's progress on github.