PaleoCore Help

The sidebar links on this page point to reference materials for using the PaleoCore online data management system and conducting field data collection.

Field Data Collection

The PaleoCore project has developed a fully digital data management system for field data collection. The system is designed for paleontological and paleoanthropological surface survey and it combines proprietary mobilde data collections apps with open-source, cloud based data management utilities. A detailed description of the PaleoCore data collection system was published in Evolutionary Anthropology.  

Denné Reed, W. Andrew Barr, Shannon P. McPherron, René Bobe, Denis Geraads, Jonathan G. Wyn and Zeresenay Alemseged. 2015. Digital Data Collection in Paleoanthropology. Evolutionary Anthropology. 24:238-249. doi:10.1002/evan.21466.